July 18, 2024
Anti-virus Apps

Viruses for cell phones are very similar to ones for PC. Many viruses are made to attack weaknesses in particular operating systems. Most viruses are hidden in email attachments, but some can be sent through a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth devices can connect to any other Bluetooth device if it is within range. Of course, visiting websites that are not reputable can also lead to viruses being downloaded onto your phone.

A way to combat the constant threat of viruses to your cell phone is to download an anti-virus apps. There are many offerings as interest in protecting cell phones increases. The need for security is important for any device that holds personal information. Here are just 5 of the top security apps for cell phones.

AVG Mobile Anti-virus

This is a free app offered to Android mobile users. It will regularly scan your phone for viruses and delete them. You can also schedule scans to occur automatically, as well as set up your GPS device to find lost or stolen phones. Another feature allows you to remotely wipe your phone’s contents or lock it. For an added fee, you can upgrade to their Pro software for such added features as SPAM and phishing blockers.

Norton Mobile Security

This popular PC software is offered in a mobile version. Norton Mobile does require quite a bit of space on your phone, coming in at 1.8MB of storage, although a LITE version is available. It has many of the same features as AVGAVG Antivirus including remote lock-out and GPS locator.

BullGuard Mobile Security

This bestselling app offers a wide range of protection from parental controls to monitoring your calendar and contact list for anything out of the ordinary. BullGuard is only compatible with certain operating systems, so be sure to check if your device is before making a purchase. A yearly fee will cost around $30, but there are free trials available.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky’s protection package is similar to that of BullGuard. Real time scanning gives you up-to-date information on the security of your device. Along with anti-theft features, using this app also gives you the power of data encryption. Like BullGuard, you will pay a premium. However, they run deals occasionally that can knock off up to 50% off the regular selling price.

ESET Mobile Security

ESET is the most expensive of the apps summarized here, but it is also the most comprehensive. All downloaded files (via Bluetooth or WiFi) are scanned for malware. There are also plenty of tools such as battery level check and file quarantine. This software is also only available for certain operating systems, so be sure to check the specifications before downloading.

Protecting your mobile device is just as important as protecting your home computer. Make sure your personal information is safe and secure with a cell phone security app.

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