June 13, 2024
Introduction to Teaching & Technology

Re-examining one’s life though soul searching and academic assessment is best done before attending a post-secondary education institution.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in what I love – writing.  A jack-of-all-trades degree in a demanding field had endless possibilities.  Six years after I made that decision – 2 years since I graduated – the type of job I want do not exist or are dwindling faster and faster.  My degree allows me to work in public relations departments, a part of my degree I thrived in – but with budget cuts, the in-house public relations team will always be on the chopping block and include high stress in small groups.  I don’t want my work rushed because management feels an in-house marketing team should be able to create marketing material in half the time because they work in-house.

With my job outlook waning, I decided now would be the best time to earn a master’s degree.  Numerous friends, family, and acquaintances encouraged me to think about a career in teaching.  And so I thought, looked at the master’s program and the nearest university, and decided it was a route I wanted to take.  However, my bachelor’s degree did not meet state requirements to earn a master’s in teaching.  For a year I am taking classes in English and Spanish to meet state requirements before I enter the master’s in teaching program at Oakland University (Rochester, MI) in the fall of 2011.  After student teaching in the spring of 2013 I will have earned teaching certificate.  I will take 2 more classes to earn my master’s degree.  My prerequisite classes are through two online distance learning programs – 1 at Rio Salado College in Tempe, AZ, and 1 at University of Indiana.  I also will take classes at Oakland University and the local community college.

This blog will encompass my experiences and reflections on my road to becoming a teacher, my thoughts and opinions on literature I read, and discussions on education in the news.  I encourage you to share this blog, suggest items to be discussed, and communicate with me about your experiences.  My goal as a teacher is to infuse technology and pop culture to assist in teaching English and Spanish to high school students.  By using TV shows, movies, the internet, and other technology, I believe I can encourage more students to be passionate about reading stories deemed classics.

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