April 23, 2024
Digital Signage

Technology advances have transformed the operation efficiency of many businesses. Technology provides software advances that enable businesses to do proper business process re-engineering and other solutions that ultimately improve operations. Some applications allow easy and quick access to business information and services for both employees and customers. Yet, other solutions help managers to efficiently manage employees for better productivity. One of the recent technology advancement that is helping businesses to enhance their marketing strategies is digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the future for business advertising. It’s impossible to drive down a street, walk into a restaurant, or go the airport without coming face to face with a digital signage – it’s all over. Digital signage involves the display of images and texts in digital formats on TV or over the Internet. Digital signage technology is used to promote products or services through animations that entice potential consumers. It does more than display content such as videos. Digital signage makes use of the screen in an intelligent fashion – it engages, educates, informs, and even sells. Call it a smart way to talk and convince your customers about your products and services.

Why Digital Displays Beats Static Displays

Not only is a static signage such as a print expensive, but it can only display one message at a time. Conversely, digital signage is less costly and allows modifying a message more than once – even after a few seconds and as many times as you want. The reason behind this is the fact that digital signage advances on the static nature of traditional signs and sets motion into them, facilitating more animated advertisements and several message placements.

Digital signage is, therefore, flexible and can be easily updated. As a business owner, you can use digital signage technology to broadcast much more information in a single minute than a print could communicate in 100 pages.

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software includes solutions for displaying digital content. Companies can, therefore, use such software to broadcast the right messages to target audience through videos, social feeds, blogs, and any other digital content. Browse around this web-site for more information.

You can use the software to easily display digital information on screens, and from a virtual dashboard, browse apps such as images & video, live social walls, waitlists, and more. You can customize your displays at will. Changes are instantly updated, and you can, afterwards, run and monitor digital content through monitoring apps as well as track potential client’s engagement via posts on social media platforms and hashtags. Digital signage software solutions thus allow businesses to customize their advertising content to fit their brand marketing strategies.

Now that you understand what digital signage is all about, here are some digital signage trends and statistics. Digital displays capture about 400 percent more views than static displays. Four out of five customers say that a video presenting how a product or service works is important, and customers would rather watch a video about a service or product than read about it.

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